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The Telemann Society, under a precious Mother-Son partnership, leads the Musical Directorship of the Society and the Society's goal is to create new master recordings from the Masterworks of Great Music on a regular and continuing basis here in the United States. From microcosmic masterpieces for small ensembles to majestic compositions for festival orchestra and chorus, the Telemann Society brings you a wide range of musical enjoyment.

Now comes the opportunity to enjoy all this in a subscription model that entitles you access to the content on demand wherever and whenever you have an internet connection and a web browser.

All members of the Telemann Society have the opportunity to support its work at different levels.

Please note: In the initial stage of building this great new online resource, the member patron is requested to exercise some level of patience while we load content as expeditiously as possible. For this reason, charter membership in the Telemann Society has been set at $29.97 per month. This charter membership level will last only as long as there is fewer than 20 titles available on demand. All those who join under this special charter membership level will enjoy this benefit for as long as membership is kept in good standing. To do that, membership dues are payable on a regular monthly basis and all such payments are automatically deducted from your form of payment through our automated billing system.

There are also optional higher levels of participation in the Telemann Society. The first higher level is called the Silver Membership Level. In this level, each member is assured that all excess funding goes toward the Telemann Society's mission and scope. Members at this level join at the rate of $197.00 per month. Finally, for those who really appreciate the work of the Telemann Society and who very much desire to support its activities in a meaningful manner, we offer our Gold Membership plan in which a support level of $5,000 per month is requested. Member Patrons at the Gold Level always enjoy access to news and resources about the Society while enjoying our digital online library of recorded performances. All members always receive the very highest levels of service from our devoted customer service staff and will always have an opportunity to donate their services and funding in special projects which are announced to all members on the inside. Also Charter Members of the Telemann Society may always exercise the option to move up to higher levels of membership at any time and such support is most very well appreciated and welcomed.

Please enjoy this snippet from our library by listening here to a sample demo recording of the Bach Brandenburg Concerto Number 4 performed by Richard and Theodora Schulze on two Alto Recorders in December of the year 1954. The recording is well preserved for its age and you will be able to enjoy this recording in the member area when you put in your membership credentials to sign in. When you are finished listening to the demo recording, click your browser's back button to come back to this page and for you to partake of your special charter membership plan. Such charter memberships will not ever be offered after 20 or more titles have been loaded into the library. Therefore, be sure to join now so you can obtain life-time access to all member benefits under this special charter subscription offer.

While you are thinking of it, please join the Telemann Society now by selecting the level of membership and then click the Join Now button. Thank you very much for your valuable support of the Telemann Society's important work to bring the very best music to peoples and cultures world-wide.

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